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Nutrition & Hydration

Aid Stations:

Aid Station RefKM MarkerEventAid Available
AS14.1kmM & HMWater Only
AS26.7km, 22.1km, 32.7kmM, HMElectrolyte/ Carbohydrate + Water + Special Needs
AS38.6km, 24km, 34.6km,2.5km (10km, 5km)M, HM,10km, 5kmElectrolyte/ Carbohydrate + Water
AS4a10.3km, 25.7km, 36.4km,4.1km (10km)M, HM10kmElectrolyte/ Carbohydrate + Water + Special Needs
AS4b17.8km, 28.4km, 39km6.6km (10km)M, HM10kmElectrolyte/ Carbohydrate + Water
AS5a12.2kmM & HMWater Only
AS5b15.9kmM & HMWater Only
AS614.4kmM & HMElectrolyte/ Carbohydrate + Water + Special Needs
AS719.5km, 30.1km, 40.5km8.3km (10km)

3.4km (5km)

M, HM10km


Electrolyte/ Carbohydrate + Water + Special Needs

**Special needs is available for the marathon distance only.

The on-course nutrition is the Infinit Premium Fuel in lemon lime flavour enabling you to push harder for longer - electrolytes to reduce cramping and a mild flavour to prevent flavour fatigue. This product can be purchased online or at all good sports stores.

If you would like to try or train with the fluids that will be used on race day please visit Infinit Nutrition and grab some of the perfect blend.

Enter ‘ATLAS’ when you order your Infinit Nutrition online and receive 10% off your order.

Special needs drinks

  • Special/personal drinks are for the marathon event only.
  • Drinks must be in sealed, leak proof containers, no taller than 21cm and clearly marked with your name/race number and the relevant aid station where it is to be placed at
  • Special needs can be placed at the aid stations listed above.
  • Special Drinks are to be left in the designated aid station tub at registration by no later than 2pm Saturday 10 August. 
  • It is your responsibility to find your own special needs bottle at each designated aid station.
  • Dispose of bottles in waste bins - please do not litter the course.
  • Unclaimed drinks will be disposed of

The CLIF Recovery Zone will be located just after the finish line. Be sure to enjoy a CLIF Bar at the finish line, after your run. The Ultimate Energy Bar® offers an optimal blend of protein, fat and carbohydrates

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